Moon Facts

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – NASA said on Monday it plans to build a permanently occupied base on the moon, most likely at the lunar south pole.

The habitat will serve as a science outpost as well as a test-bed for technologies needed for future travel to Mars, and construction will follow a series of flights to the moon scheduled to begin by 2020.

“We’re going for a base on the moon,” Scott “Doc” Horowitz, NASA’s associate administrator for exploration, told reporters in a teleconference from the Johnson Space Centre in Houston.

Plans for what the base will look like and what astronauts would do there have yet to be determined. Similarly, NASA has not projected a date when the base would go into operation.

Map of the dark side of the Moon.

Rendering of the dark side of the Moon.

Moon formation:

(1) Earth and another body head towards each other.  (2) Collision occurs.  (3) Force crushes oth planets.  (4) Maximum distortion and deflection of small clump of mixed matter.  (5) Matter enters orbit, distortion reduces.  (6) Both bodies settle and the Moon as we know it is formed.

The Solar System looking back towards the Sun from the outer planets.

The stages of a Solar Eclipse:

1) Moon just touches disc of Sun.  2) Full Eclipse, solar corona becomes visible.  3) Totality passes revealing the “diamond ring” stage.  4) Moon clears the disc of the Sun.